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Paul McIntyre

Paul McIntyre pictured at the Royal Festival Hall, London for the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards (BAFTAS).

Paul McIntyre B.Sc. (Hons.) ..MBPsS .. resides in the city of Bristol, England. After leaving school Paul pursued a career in the Civil Service. Having studied Psychology at University and as a Member of ''The British Psychological Society,'' it has been noted by many that this artist introduces a psychological ambiance that breathes life into his paintings.
Because of popular demand for his art work, Paul turned professional.
Today Paul McIntyre has hundreds of pictures in homes throughout the world. He has established himself as a popular international artist with a wide appeal.
(This paragraph was reproduced, with kind permission, from the SaatchiGallery.co.uk/yourgallery/artist_profile/Paul+Mcintyre/43936.html)

Click YouTube links below and see Paul McIntyre talk about his art inspirations.

The New York & London paintings included on Paul's website are drawn from Paul McIntyre cityscape collection, this exhibition explores various interpretations and depictions of New York & London urban living. The paintings presents a range of street views using the acrylic paint media. Each composition explores the structures of New York city & London, combined with Paul McIntyre ’s personal interpretation.

Paul McIntyre states that;

“Where the buildings of a city might define its physical presence, it is human activity that breathes life into any urban centre. Included in my artwork are architectural compositions and depictions of people within the cities, all are important aspects of the presentation.”
Paul McIntyre

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Gallery Examples

SOLD The Photographer
Original acrylic on canvas. The painting is framed with a bl...
Dimensions: 24" x 20"

Time Square, NEW YORK
For more art works contact LEMONGROVE GALLERY 255 A Chis...
Dimensions: 30" x "24"

SOLD Eyes For Each Other
An original acrylic on canvas, framed with a black mould. ...
Dimensions: 36" x 36" approx

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