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Macy's New York
Click to enlarge Painting by Paul McIntyre:
24" x 18", £Please email the artist
Macy's New York

Description:See Paul McIntyre Interviewed at the BAFTA awards, London Palladium 2010 on:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C4rKMJEiHY Giclee print, hand embellished and signed For more paintings of New York click gallery above.
Dimensions:24" x 18"
Price: Please email the artist
Shipping: £0.00 (Within the UK)

Shipping Info:
Paintings are shipped by FEDEX within the U.K. (Approx 48 hours delivery time) subject to Artist not away exhibiting. For Europe and America, please allow at least 7 days for delivery.
UK Shipping:£0.00
WorldWide Shipping:£195.00

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