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Gallery » Acrylic on Canvas » Afternoon Tea Colbert Café London

Afternoon Tea Colbert Café London
Click to enlarge Painting by Paul McIntyre:
48" x36" , £Please email emmamoir3@gmail.com
Afternoon Tea Colbert Café London

Description:"Afternoon Tea Colbert Café," depicts Colbert Café Sloane Square in Chelsea, London. The original painting is available from BOX GALLERIES 402 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0LJ TEL. 07786 033180 or email emmamoir3@gmail.com . For Limited editions framed signed prints of this painting please contact the artist on paulmcintyreworldofpictures@hotmail.com
Dimensions:48" x36"
Price: Please email emmamoir3@gmail.com
Shipping: £0.00 (Within the UK)

Shipping Info:
Paintings are shipped by FEDEX within the U.K. (Approx 48 hours delivery time) subject to Artist not away exhibiting. For Europe and America, please allow at least 7 days for delivery.
UK Shipping:£0.00
WorldWide Shipping:£195.00

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